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It’s easy to spend entire days or even weeks in front of the computer, especially if you have a cup of coffee with you and two or three hours to kill. However, when you are looking for a job then why not consider online job hunting? Right here are some top rated tips, on using job search sites, which should help attract employers to your great curriculum vitae and work potential.

First and foremost, select a specialist job board which will work for you. Just like cake stores, with so many job websites on the market, it can be very confusing to know where to start. If you do not need any specific careers guidance and know precisely what sector you want to work in, then simply start looking at professional job websites. By saying that we mean sites that only advertise for a selected sector. You will find those sites for most professions, from media and finance, to retail and IT. Most job websites have clocked on to the need for specialist job boards and have set up spin-off websites which only list a particular profession, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding them.

Be advanced with your searches. Job sites can offer thousands of jobs on any given day and despite the fact that many say they are advertising your perfect job, what they do not tell you is that you will have to wade through several pages of unrelated content before you find it. The best way to stay away from the pages of unimportant information is to do an advanced search. Simply by putting in your desired location and standard job description, you will be scaling down several hundred pages, and that’s without specifying salary or job level. Unfortunately, you will still encounter completely unrelated job opportunities, but you will see them less frequently.

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Remember to subscribe to job searching websites. Joining them simply involves submitting your resume as well as cover letter, suggesting to the website what jobs you are keen on, and providing an e-mail address. By registering with jobsites, you will get relevant jobs sent right to your email the moment they get advertised, so you do not have to waste weeks trawling through work opportunities you don’t want. Not just this, but your freshly submitted CV can now be seen by potential managers too, so they could come to you for a change. By signing up to job sites, they do all the hard work for you, and so you can go out and have fun.

Don’t ignore social networking throughout your job hunting. That’s correct, you are given an excuse to go on Facebook, Twitter or any other online marketing sites you spend hours on anyway. Numerous companies now use internet marketing along with jobsites to promote their latest vacancies and tell people what they have to offer. Therefore, when you see your dream job advertised on a jobsite, put your online stalking skills to good use and have a look at their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profile (make certain you follow or like them if it gives the option as well for the latest up-dates). By doing so you will not only have quick access to information that can help with writing your covering letter, but you may view some other work opportunities that they are only advertising via social media (it does take place). If there are specific companies you aspire to work for, follow them too.

And finally, you should always adapt your CV as well as cover letter for every position you apply for. Companies won’t be happy if they can tell you have mailed the same application to every organization, regardless of what the position was. Take note of any jobs you are applying for, there’s nothing more aggravating than spending hours trying to find a job, only to apply for exactly the same position again the next day. And finally make a note of any contact information given in the advertisement well before you click the “send” button. This way you are able to chase up organisations if you do not hear from them.

And there you have it – job hunting online made simple.