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With all the layoffs that have taken place over the last couple of years, it’s no wonder many of those who are still employed often feel stretched to the maximum of their productivity. Therefore looking for another job can be rather demanding when your current one is continually stressing you out.

After all, when you get home after a long and frustrating day, the last thing you want to do is to give any more thought to the world of work. Unfortunately, most London jobs will not just fall into your lap – you have to go out and get them, so try to approach your job hunt as strategically and as systematically as you would approach your next business deal. This way you can help keep the process of looking for a job more manageable.

If you were going to start a huge new project at work, would your first step be to just sit down and start the project? Of course not! A lot of planning and preparation go into any major project, and your job search should be no different. Therefore, your first step will not be sitting down and starting to send out dozens of generalized resumes to any job that sounds OK.


Your first task should be to determine what you are looking for in your next full time employment. You cannot write a project plan until you know what the project is, so you will not be able to write an effective resume or cover letter without having an idea of where you would like your career to go. You may find this part of the job hunting process to be the most time-consuming, as it requires some soul-searching, however, it is an essential step and therefore should not be skipped.

Once you have determined your professional goals, you are ready to spend some time assembling your marketing tools – a cover letter, resume, and any other relevant documents that will help you to support your message. This is essentially the same process as setting up a project at work; you need both plans and human resources for an effective job search. A professional resume writer can be an invaluable tool for a job seeker who is incredibly busy with his current job. Resume writer will, of course, need you to gather and submit all the information about your past positions and achievements, but then it will be the job of the professional agonize over each individual line on your resume.


Only when you have established a goal and pulled together the tools needed to accomplish the task should you actually start applying for jobs. Setting up e-mail alerts through job sites can save you hours of scouring through online employment ads.

If you tackle your job search in a strategic and systematic manner, you should soon reach a place where you can go to your inbox, look through positions that may be a good fit for you, and then simply customize your polished resume for each application.

Consider each quality job application you send off as a deliverable in the project of finding yourself another job. Whenever you successfully land your next position, you will be able to close out this project and move on to the next one.

Good luck with your job hunting!